The Criminal Justice Administrative Records System is creating a nationally integrated repository of data following individuals through the criminal justice system, linking with social and economic data.

In our pilot phase, CJARS is gathering data from state and local partners in three selected states: California, Michigan, and Texas. In coming years, we will be expanding our outreach across the country. We aim to build a research database that follows every criminal episode from arrest through final sanction. Each participating agency will receive reports to improve knowledge of caseloads and provide sound evidence for policy decisions.

device_hubPutting Caseloads in Context

With partners at the US Census Bureau, criminal justice data is linked to social, economic, and demographic information.

languageReaching Nationwide

Open to all fifty states, CJARS merges administrative records across jurisdictions and across the country.

assignmentDelivering Metrics

Partners are updated with confidential reports that include comparisons to other, anonymized, jurisdictions.

account_balanceGrounding Decision Making

Amplifying agency’s own information with CJARS reports provides a deeper understanding of their caseload.