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CJARS publishes research on labor market outcomes for justice-involved individuals since the Great Recession

Keith Finlay and Mike Mueller-Smith have published their results from a study where they examined labor market outcomes for justice-involved individuals since the Great Recession. The paper was published in The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science and U.S. Census Bureau Working Papers series.

CJARS welcomes new staff

The CJARS team has grown substantially in the past few months, bringing on new staff with a diverse range of knowledge, experiences, and perspectives.

We are happy to have recently welcomed several new members to the CJARS team: Diana Sutton (Project Manager), Elizabeth Luh (Post-Doc), Josh Kim (Research Assistant), Susan Parker (Graduate Student Research Assistant), James Reeves (Graduate Student Research Assistant), and Neel Shah (Undergraduate Student Research Assistant).

Stay tuned for new positions we post here for future opportunities to join the CJARS team.

CJARS partners with Measures for Justice on data harmonization

CJARS has established a collaborative partnership with Measures for Justice (MFJ) to develop a machine learning algorithm that will assist with the classification of offense descriptions into MFJ’s offense classification schema.

The product of this partnership will be an algorithm that will be made publicly available to researchers to implement and use with their own data. This will have the benefit of (1) substantially cutting down on the resources needed to code offense descriptions manually and (2) make research findings more consistent and comparable by bringing offense classification into one commonly used schema.

More information can about this partnership can be found in this press release.