Introductory webinar

Missed our introductory webinar but still want to learn more about what CJARS can offer? Check out the recording of the presentation below.

Click here to download a copy of the slides (with clickable hyperlinks).

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of variables are included in the CJARS data? How do I know if I can answer my research questions using this data?

It is stated that one of the missions of CJARS is to build a data system with nationwide coverage of the justice system. What geographies are currently covered by CJARS?

What types of information are within the scope of CJARS? Are records from the juvenile justice system included?

Is data that is collected or donated validated before it becomes a part of the CJARS data system?

Can CJARS data be linked to other data available in the FSRDC environment, such as the American Community Survey or Decennial Censuses? Can external researchers bring their own data into the FSRDC environment and link it to CJARS?

How do you gain access to an FSRDC? Can the FSRDC environment be accessed remotely?

Can non-citizens of the U.S. obtain access to the FSRDC network? Can individuals who are not affiliated with a university apply for FSRDC access?

Will the CJARS data ever be made publicly available?

CJARS is on What kinds of code, data, or other info are expected to be available?

Who is eligible for the 2021 CJARS-NSF fellowship competition? Will graduate students and non-citizens be eligible to apply?